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 (3f, 4m)

“This fairytale is quite wonderful. Although it obviously draws inspiration from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, the story is unique and engaging. The plot turns out to be surprisingly unpredictable and profound in a way that is unusual for children's theatre. All of the characters are well-developed and yet simple enough for children to identify with and understand … [C]hildren of all ages were held captivated throughout the entire production.”

 - The Off-Off Broadway Review

“Once upon a time, long before Disney, fairies weren't always benevolent creatures. They were conniving, manipulative tricksters who would just as soon turn you into a donkey as grant your dearest wish.  ‘The Changeling,’ from Vital Children's Theater, revives this tradition with a midsummer night's adventure involving fairies even naughtier than Puck..for children who prefer their fairies with more spice than gossamer…  [T]he show does have a fairy-tale ending, but not everyone lives happily ever after -- just those who deserve to.”  

- The New York Times

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