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Near Nellie Bly.jpg

(6f, 2m)


O’Neill Semi-Finalist

Gulfshore Playhouse New Play Festival

Epiphanies New Works Festival at Wild Imaginings

Nellie Bly, aspiring daredevil reporter, went undercover in an insane asylum on Blackwell's Island (now Roosevelt Island) in New York City, 1887. There she befriended a patient named Anne Neville. After 10 days, Nellie was released. Anne stayed. This play tells the above story from Anne Neville’s perspective, and through her, it explores the relationship between women and work, from prehistoric times to 1887 to today.  In doing so, Near Nellie Bly strives to show not what Nellie Bly did, but rather, WHY what Nellie Bly did was important.

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